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Our team:

It's really a team. Because we have common values, a unified approach to providing for the client, unified priorities.

We are a team, because we feel each other's shoulder, are always ready to learn from each other, from partners, and in general, from life.

We are a team, because we are a single whole - Intellect.

We are constantly on the move, we conduct corporate training, various trainings, internships. We are constantly on the road, as we choose programs, educational institutions, visit our students during our studies, and continue to study ourselves ...

Who is the Intellect team? From highly qualified specialists, each of which is unique in the company's general philosophy, but is unique in working with clients.

Marina Khan - Founder and General Manager

Guzal Yergesheva -

International education specialist

Margarita Van Richardson - Summer/Project Manager

Dana Syrtanova -

Kuznetsova Elizaveta - Language Courses Specialist/SMM Manager

Dzhekizhanova Saniya - Office manager

Oleg Vakulenko - Finance Department

Liza Bekova - Finance Department

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