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A warm welcome to our website.

We are fast approaching our 25 year anniversary and this is a good reason to summarise and think about the future.

What are our main achievements?

• Hundreds of students, who have received an international education of the highest standard

• An awesome team of enthusiastic professionals for whom education is the biggest priority

• An excellent reputation

• The highest standard of customer service and professionalism

• Being proud of our craft


What lies ahead?

• The constant search for the best educational institutions of an international standard

• The discovery of effective methods to understand and communicate with our clients

• Making an entrance into other markets


We wholeheartedly thank our partners and invite all interested parties to openly collaborate.

We would be happy to offer you our knowledge and experience to achieve common success."

Dr Marina Khan
Intellect Founder

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Since 1996, Intellect Agency has been wholly dedicated to the world of international education. Learn key information about our Agency – our history, team, awards and recognition.

We provide various services in the sphere of international education that help our clients to find perfect study destination and our partners to collaborate with potential students better.

For more than 17 years, our annual educational events have helped educators and potential students meet each other. We organize events of various formats that take place across Kazakhstan and CIS.


Чему и как учить ребенка в школе?

статья Dr. M. Khan, Intellect Agency's owner, at Forbes Magazine (Web Edition)


"...никто из родителей (сегодня) не в силах предсказать, какие профессии будут востребованы, когда их дети будут конкурировать на рынке труда, а главное – какие способности и таланты ребенка помогут ему преуспеть в жизни и добиться успеха ..."

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