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Intellect Agency has been organizing educational events for more than 17 years. In 2003, we hosted a fair dedicated to international education that was the first event of its kind in Kazakhstan. We have been organizing promotional and recruitment events on an annual basis ever since.

We work with various forms of events: fairs, tours, small individual presentations and we are always looking for new concepts and destinations.

 We believe that educational events are a great starting point for both our students, interested in education abroad, and for our partners, who want to recruit and strengthen their positions, awareness and recognition in the Kazakh market. It is a place where educators and students can connect and learn more about each other.

Upcoming Events


Almaty – 11 April

We will help you to organize a custom event, tailored to your needs and dedicated to your educational institution. We take all organisational and operational matters into our own hands, from finding the correct venue to designing an effective advertising campaign, so that you can reach your target audience and recruit in Kazakhstan with more efficiency.

We can help you to organize a custom event, tailored to your needs, so you can reach the target audience and recruit with more efficiency




If  you want to become a part of our events or have any other questions, please contact our event manager:

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