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Intellect Agency is one of the leading companies in the sphere of international education on the market of Kazakhstan and CIS. Established in 1996, Intellect Agency became one of the pioneering organizations in Kazakhstan which opened the world of new opportunities and provided counseling services to people wanting to study abroad.

Our main office is located in Almaty (KZ) whilst Intellect’s second office is situated in London, UK. We have successfully worked with clients from all the regions of Kazakhstan and CIS, counseling about international education and providing a full range of services for those who wish to apply; starting from program and institution choice to visa support and pre-departure instruction.

We provide a range of services centered on international educational programs.

Intellect Agency is in direct contact with more than 300 educational institutions from over 20 countries. The agency works with a range of educators: boarding schools, colleges, universities, summer camps, language schools etc. We are always open to collaborate.

Over 24 years of working, education has always been our major source of inspiration. We passionately believe in its power to transform people’s lives and to make our world a better place. This has been our driving force for many years, and, when we look at the success stories of our students, we know for sure that education will remain our motivation for many years to come.

Intellect employees are what makes our company special. Our team is comprised of devoted specialists who are very passionate about education.

We share common goals and values, and most importantly - we have a professional approach towards everything we do in our work.

our Team

Intellect Agency is a member of various organizations:

English UK Partner Scheme, Quality English Agent, ICEF Agency, IALC (International Association of Language Centers), KAEA (Kazakhstan Association of Educational Agents)

It’s always a pleasure to receive acknowledgement for the work that you do, whether that is feedback from a client, who is happy at a new place of study, or receiving an award.

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