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Our passion of knowledge and the desire of experiences
lead us to the boundaries of the unknown!

Do you know when & where the first man went to space?

…April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin said "Let's Go!"

...and opened the door to the space to humanity!

The same date … 35 years later…
Intellect» Agency was established

More than 22 years «Intellect» has been sending students to educational orbit to the leading boarding schools around the world.

We are proud to invite you to Kazakhstan to participate in a unique Study Tour to the Biggest & Famous spaceport in the World - Baikonur!

You can observe the cutting-edge technology and scientific developments.

You will witness the exact place where the first man went to the Space

You can see a Legend in Motion...

As an apogee, you will see a launch of manned spacecraft!

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Neil Armstrong

Astronaut. Commander of the «Apollo 11».

The first man who walked to the Moon.

The tour program includes:

visit to the museum of the "Father of Cosmonauts" the Academician Y. Korolev;

visit to "The International Space School” named after an Academician V. N. Chelomey;

visit & workshop the classes of rocket modeling;

visit to multipurpose reusable space shuttle "Buran";

visit to Space museum with unique exhibits;

and much ... much more

We are inviting all members of STEM programmes, science lovers, rocket modelling clubs, DT enthusiasts, aeronautic fanatics and all other people who want to push the boundaries of the known world in becoming an Astronaut.

Do you want to be among 20 lucky ones

who will visit the first and the biggest spaceport in the world

and will see a launch of piloted spacecraft?

Register your place Now!

and you will push space ship to the space

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